More than 30 years of experience

We are a Colombian company, with headquarters in Barranquilla, established since 1989, with great tradition and experience in the logistics and multimodal transport sector (maritime, river and land) of liquid cargo.


At PETRODERIVADOS COLOMBIANOS SAS, we are committed to providing a comprehensive service with quality products, specialized processes and efficient logistics for the handling and export of bulk liquid products.


Consolidate PDC as a leading logistics agent in the region, doing profitable and sustainable business, creating opportunities and innovating together with the country, through service excellence, responsible, integrated and highly productive collaborators.

We have approved processes for the handling of organic oils with RSPO certification

We are the only port operator that has machinery and procedures for food/pharmaceutical/Kosher grade products.

Ethical Line

The private sector, as a member of society, plays a fundamental role as an agent of economic and social development and, consequently, must exercise co-responsibility, not only in the construction of the public sector but also in the fight against corruption and its consequences. different modalities, including bribery.

Based on the foregoing, the prevention of corruption risks and its different modalities, from business ethics, corporate social responsibility and sustainable development, must be included as a commitment of companies.

For this reason, PDC has established a Corruption and Bribery/Business Ethics Risk Prevention Program with which it hopes to strengthen our organizational culture, which is based on ethics, honesty and respect, values ​​that help us to be upright and transparent, as well as to give consistency between what we say and do.

The company has an ethics line, an anonymous complaint mechanism established to report any illegal or unethical behavior, which can be accessed by employees, customers, suppliers and other interested parties, please write to the email:

Why choose us?

Aware of the importance of the competence of human resources to guarantee the safety and quality of the operation, the company has established a continuous and permanent training program that includes:


  • BASC container inspection course
  • Advanced heights course
  • Training in safety and health at work
  • Food handling course

Worldwide logistics and security

We participate throughout the entire transport logistics chain

Freight Forwarder

We are intermediaries between your company and all the entities involved in the logistics chain.

Port Operator

We carry out specialized maritime cargo operations in ports and outside them.

Liquid Transfer

We operate the filling, emptying and/or transfer of any type of non-hazardous liquid.